Gusto Nang Umuwi ni Joy

Engaged by a middle-class household as a nanny and cleanersince 2008, Joy is not just one of about 200,000 Filipinosliving and workingin the United Kingdom—she is also one of an estimated 1.1 million undocumented migrants from various countries. Her status carries with it many risks, one of the greatest being the possibility of apprehension and deportation by the UK Home Office.In recent years, the agency has been implementing ever tougher immigration measures in a political climate that, in the wake of the so-called Great Recession, favors stronger border controls.

Needing to provide for her family back in Batangas, Joy has acted upon the advice of her friends, seeking the aid of solicitors to render her stay lawful. If successful, such a move would secure her employment and the future of her kin. More crucially, it would allow her to return to the Philippines for short vacations and spend time with the loved ones from whom she has long been apart.While she talks to her husband Bobil daily, and gets in touch with her children and other relatives regularly via Skype and Viber, she has nevertheless missed countless moments that she would have liked to share and celebrate with them in person.

There is no guarantee that the Home Office will find in her favor, however—all she can do is submit to the process and hope that her petition for legalization will be granted, maintaining a low profile in the meantime.Gusto Nang Umuwi ni Joy follows Joy as she attends to her daily responsibilities, spends time with her friends, communicates with her family, and keeps up with Philippine current affairs and soap operas, all the while looking forward to the prospect of at last coming home to everyone and everything she has labored and endured so much for.